Our Dream & Why we have dogs

This Kennel started as an idea between two friends who decided to  breed a dog that would not only be a friend but a good hunting buddy. KHUSA member 1008160

"A Prayer From An Old Short Hair"
By Charles Rose - Seymour, TX

I waken from fitful sleep, legs jerking, low growls deep within my chest;

Tired eyes look down on a wrinkled graying muzzle;

With effort I roll, Looking at gnarled scarred feet and legs bearing a million old cactus spines buried within;

Reminding me of all those prickly pear and jumping cactus.

Slowly I lift my weary head and gaze upon a graying, cloud filled November sky;

Deeply I breathe in... aaaah... finally... fall is here!!!

Longingly I gaze into the heavens above.

Lord, please grant my master the strength to make one more season;

twelve years have passed since our first hunt together...

I have led him through cactus and mesquite, tall grass, rocks hills and creeks.

We have seen together ten thousand covey rises, a thousand cackling roosters and a million ducks taking flight.

But now, as I look in the window... I see my loving master has tired... his pace has slowed and his once commanding voice raspy and faded.

Lord... three lifetimes now have I pointed his quail, flushed his roosters, marked his ducks,,, and brought them all to hand... well most anyhow, and the few I ate.... well he didn't really want them anyhow.

But time has caught us both... now he is slow to rise from his rocker as am I from my pad... his weathered face and my clouded eyes... neither the same as before... but still the lines in his face are maps I follow in my dreams... when clearer eyes led the way through green briar and snow... sandstorms and blinding rain.

Oh Lord grant us one more season so that as we each pass from this life we may pass on to our sons and daughters the life, the love, the joy and the sorrows of a thousand hunts we've shared.

And Lord, finally when the season is done would you grant him a soft chair, and me a fine rug...

By the hearth in your heavenly lodge.....

Please Lord, Please, Just one More Season.......


1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you will be painful, remember that before you get me.
2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.
3. Place your trust in me, it is crucial to my well being.

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