There Goes My Last Dollar New Generation GSP's - HPR Hunting dogs

This was our first litter with Dollar and Gabi, and the pups look like a million dollars!
These pups have so much natural ability - we are sitting on the edge of our chairs and
 cannot wait for them to grow into mature gundogs. The pup on this clip is only 8 weeks old and is so eager to please his handler.

A early winters morning out with Matotoland GSP's - HPR Hunting dogs

The cold misty mornings are back !

We survey last years hunting grounds, this year looks like the birds bred well.

Good news when we see many birds soon we will start counting numbers and covey's.

Then only we might take some if numbers allow it, we should have a great year.

Morgenzon Bullet on point Wildrose Dollar and Matotoland Jesse backing

Bullet had a great find scenting was not so good, Dollar came in close but did not go through the back. Jesse did well for a young dog.

Jesse worked the place over so well after the birds flew away, they all sat on flush.

They all showed great drive to find more birds with the fresh bird smell in the air.