Matotoland Temic & Wildrose Dash of Matotoland

Dash the younger dog was born 22/12/2011 from USA Wildrose German Shorthair

Dash under a year old shows good natural instinct, she points, backs & retrieves very well.She proves to have a great nose finding birds in company of our latest champ, (BB) Ft CH Temic of Matotoland.

We are getting very excited with these young dogs they will have their first hunting season 2013, they have proved to be contenders in any company trialing, and will work all day hunting for you.

They are very patient & loving with young kids and a pleasure around the house.(They have taken up gardening  but still can not make up their minds on were to plant what though)

Matotoland Bullet & Wildrose Dixie

Summer camp & water work next to the dam. We had a pigeon land to come drink water this was to much for young Dixie and Bullet had no choice in honoring her point.

Wildrose German Shorthairs