Making the most of hunting season...

Letting my best friends out to have a run and put some birds up for Andrew and I is what life is about. This statement only carries value if you are a dogging man with a hunting problem. The season is drawing to a end.......

Hope the birds breed well for next season and hopefully next year will not be so dry.

A Good Day's Hunting - HPR Hunting dogs

We had good day out the dogs put up many birds. Scenting was good birds to die for, we had some champion doing the shooting.

Bullet, Dollar, Jesse, Dixie & Ike the bird producers on the day. Bullet had the first work with Ike & Dixie ending the day with great finds. Dixie on the day taking the best find by a dogs hair, she not only produced birds but a duiker and a rabbit closing the deal with single find witch the other dogs had left behind!

A great day spent with good company & good dogs and plenty birds with a great breed these are top HPR dogs(Hunt Point Retrieve)