Wildrose Dollar & Morgenzon Bullet and Morgenzon Temic

These cold fronts really test our dogs ...

Dollar here managed to find some birds, Bullet was backing then went into a staunch point. The birds were everywhere !!!!

We really had a good training session, breaking on shot is still a little problem.

Temic started this action, picture frame didn't allow him to be in this photo. He was on point about 2 meters behind Bullet

Red Wing Partridge

These picture's are the closest I can get to ....

We had such a great morning watching these birds, they think no one can see them, yet we are 1 meter away, not armed today, but right there.
To watch them hold their breath and then relax as you move away is AWESOME !!!

Red Wing Partridge for some reason think no one can see them.

Morgenzon Bullet & Wildrose Dollar

Bullet backing Dollar after a good find on a Red Wing Partridge, since we training I had a chance for some photo's ....

Morgenzon Bullet & Family

Here we are Morgan my oldest daughter joining in, at last !! We had a hard day finding birds, eventually Bullet managed to corner some Guinea Fowl. This was the end of our hunting season shoot !

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2012 !!

From now on just training, training, training !