Matotoland Kennel New Generation GSP's Whelped 16 January 2016 - HPR GSP Breed Hunting dogs

These New Generation Matotoland Kennel pups will be able to hunt anywhere in the world and produce birds. They have been bred from the finest blood lines in the world these bloodlines have produced champions in trialing almost on all the continents. Produced birds for hunters on all terrains and we are proud to be part of these new generation German Shorthairs.

The Matotoland Team That Started Our Dream - HPR Breed Hunting Dogs

Morgenzon Bullet 2008-12-23
Wildrose Dollar      2010-08-12
Wildrose Dixie       2012-01-03
Wildrose Dagger    2014-02-08
Morgenzon Temic 2008-07-01
Wildrose Dash       2012-01-03

Danny of Matotoland Kennel USA Imp - HPR Breed Hunting dogs

Danny was imported from Charlie Rose in Seymor Texas whelped 2014-04-01  to improve on our bloodlines.  Wildrose German Shorthairs added nose speed and style to our lines they also proved to be the toughest hunting dog and hunting mate one can own with personalities that will make you never own another breed again!