Bird Releases & Retrieving aids

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An extremely useful gadget for the trainer of any bird dogs is this new device, now available in South Africa. A major problem for all trainers is the ready and easy access of live birds and the urban dog-handler has major problems in finding convenient farms with wild gamebirds.
 Back in the good old days we had similar gadgets, though they were activated by a length of cord which you pulled at the appropriate time. All too frequently the dog got tangled up in the cord as it approached the bird! Thus this remotely triggered device can make training easier and more effective.  To use it, once it is switched on, a bird is placed on the flexible sling which is then closed and the arm is cocked. The remote works out to about 75 metres away and the main battery is rechargeable. A charger and a car-charger are included. Compact and simple.......                                                                                                       Contact Francois email: or 0828022088

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