Matotoland New Generation Dogs USA Imp. New Generation Gsp's - HPR Hunting dogs

Danny of Matotoland Kennel

Dagger of Matotoland Kennel

These two German Shorthairs were imported from Charles Rose of Seymor Texas
Wildrose German Shorhairs  to improve our dogs and give us more versatility
in our breeding programme. We have now imported a total of five 
dogs - Dollar, Dixie, Dash, Danny & Dagger, all unique in their own
way. Dollar for speed & stamina, Dixie is our water baby, Dash has the best nature, and 
Danny & Dagger still to prove themselves, now being only 5&6 months old.
We can proudly say we have the most unique lines to breed from in South Africa.
All these dogs are biddable, have great noses, & and drive that will give you goosebumps!

These dogs have truly complemented and improved our lines in South Africa.
To best your best hunting buddy and family pet ever!