Matotoland Kenels Bullet with a spur-wing

Our dogs like to work all year round(hunting in season only) keeps them in shape, and motivated.

Up Coming Litters - February 2011

We are having our first Matoto Land Kennel Pups - Morgenzon Bullet X Morgenzon Temic they are due early February 2011.

Matoto Land A Team Bullet & Temic

This was our final hurdle we crossed to retrieve a bird that almost weigh in as much as Bullet.
She managed this big male spur-wing ended
the retrieving challenge victorious !!!! Well done Bullet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullet and the Gippo

One early morning brought a new challenge to Bullet to retrieve bigger birds, duck no problem, geese no problem now for spur-wing .....

Natural Ability Certificate - Passed

This is very important to keep the breed standard up.

HPR Year End Party 2010

We annually have a year end function for our dogs.
We also have the yearly prize giving then, well done
to all the dogs and the handlers. We in for a stunning 2011

German Shorthaired Pointers - GSP -: Hunting stories

German Shorthaired Pointers - GSP -: Hunting stories: "The Pedersoli, a dog called Bullet and the Pheasant - by Christiaan Kruger The air was fresh when we got out of the Nissan bakkie (pick-..."

Morgenzon Temic the Spur-wing and the barbed wire

Temic climbing through the barbed wire
to deliver the Spur-wing to handler Jakob

Morgenzon Temic and Spur-wing

Temic can some not .....

Temic not only a great retrieve but also managed to get through a fence with the Spur-wing !!!!!

Morgenzon Amber and the Spur-wing

Amber can some not .....
Spur-wing almost weighing as much as Amber
Great retrieve !!!!

Morgenzon Bullet and Dianna at natural ability test

Francois looking ready Bullet and Dianna awaiting their turn, to point in the natural ability test.

Bullet and Dianna doing natural ability test

Francois and Jamie at the water retrieve
during the girls natural ability test, which they passed

Tuinplaas HPR Trial 2010

Derby Maiden Stake
Tuinplaas 2010

Well done Lilly and Nicolas 2nd Derby 3rd Maiden Stake
Purdy and Derek 2nd Derby and com in Maiden Stake,
Gobi and Fanie 3rd Derby Stake

Tuinplaas HPR Trial 2010

Open Stake
Tuinplaas 2010

Well done Stella and Koos on winnig
2nd Temic and Jakob
3rd Bullet and Francois

KZN Trials Frankfort 2010 Chief judge Tim Snow giving orders.

We started at -6 in the morning warmed up, but scenting was bad

KZN Trials Frankfort 2010

First draw judges, field steward thinking scrum

KZN Trials Frankfort 2010 3rd Draw

The Gang
Derek,Jamie, Karin, Slang, Fanie and Jakob
Purdey, Zenta, Kanys, Finkel, Hanno, Bullet, Maximus, Flash, Temic, Gobi and Diana

Amber, Luger, Hanno and Gobi the look alikes KZN Frankfort 2010

Well done Hanno 1st In Open Stake
Well done Gobi 1st Derby and 2nd place in Open Stake
Cadens Hanno fathered all these pups
Luger best chase ...

KZN Trials Frankfort 2010

Saturday afternoon trial coming to a end ...