Matotoland Jesse

The light seems to have finally come on, Jesse starting to get her style in place, leg up tail almost there.

Now the game starts next on the menu will be the big chase !

Matotoland Zues

Zues is getting so steady on point, yet works at the same speed as the adult dogs.

He will only get better as he gets older and more mature.

Matotoland Jesse & Morgenzon Bullet

Jesse showing serious interest tail up, not a great photo, but this brought back memories of her mother at the same age.

Looking at the second picture one can see daughter like mother. This age one can enjoy or hate, they point at every bird waiting for your approval/praise. These moments one remember almost like that first hunt.

Matotoland Zues

Zeus keeps on impressing with his finds.
Hope he keeps up the good work, well done

There Goes My Last Dollar

Dollar is not only getting better every day, but he is getting more handsome and stylish as he is getting older.

I was driving home from the horses and saw a Swainson's Francolin cross the road, took the time and stopped perfect training opportunity. Dollar didn't waste any time and went on point were the birds crossed the road.

We trailed it until the pressure was to much and the bird flew off. Dollar sat down with great difficulty he wanted to go catch this bird.

Dollar almost drules when he gets close to birds, and the scenting is good.

Matotoland Kennel GSP

Bullet, Dollar and Jesse poor pigeons in the garden !
These dogs are missing hunting season and we just done.

Our next chance at hunting will only be next year. We will do some training and lots of water work together. This time of the year the handler does not mind swimming.

Wildrose Dollar

Dollar getting so steady on running birds, this time of year when grass is short we can train on this. Most points turn into a runner when cover is scarce .....