Wildrose There Goes My Last Dollar

Dollar has adapted so well from his arrival from Texas USA.

He now knows most our birds and finds them well, he backs well, respecting others if they find the birds first.

He also has proven himself in retrieving, he has not only chased down a winged geese, but also did a 200m retrieve and brought it back alive !

He has done numerous water retrieves on duck hunts and proved himself finding winged birds in the reeds.

Dollar now earned his respect, as a South African HPR dog, well done Dollar !

Matotoland Kennel Mid Morning Tee

Here we have a classic photo, Matotoland Francois and next to his head, Matotoland Jesse, left under his arm Wildrose Dollar(imp u.s.a) right flank Matotoland Patrys, all having a well earned nap.

Boot Camps are not easy !

Matotoland Family photo

Here we have on a boot camp photo : L/R

Matotoland Patrys(Daughter)
Morgenzon Temic(Dad)
Matotoland Jesse( Daughter) and
Morgenzon Bullet

Matotoland's Bullet

Morgenzon Bullet doing a long distance water mud and reed retrieve, having the fence to contend with to get back to the vehicle.

Matotoland Patrys

Patrys working Red wing, she manages very well when scenting is bad. Patrys slows down when working birds and pays off well against the faster dogs that run over birds.

Patrys is showing the boys up today, but we don't know what
tomorrow brings.

Matotoland Bullet & Jesse

Another good day's training.

Jesse at last understanding backing !

With so many young birds around makes for easy training on young dogs, not to mention the short grass. Good open terrain with enough birds, rabbit, small buck etc. always nice to have close for some reassurance training.

Matotoland Kennel in open water.

Here we are at the dam, Bullet, Dollar and Jesse.

It was Jesse first day out at the dam and I was hoping she would swim. After I went in and swam with the two bigger dogs, she followed. Jesse no not only can swim but also did a few good water retrieves !

Winter in Witbank always a bad time to introduce
young dogs to water, IT IS COLD !

Matotoland Boesman

WP owns one of Bullets & Temic pups Boesman, he is a big lad and has a problem with water. WP says once he gets into the water he will stay there for 3 hours at least....

Matotoland Jesse

Jesse doing a retrieve in very windy conditions,
here she is riding the waves to get the dummy !

Matotoland Jesse & Bullet

Here they are out of hunting season. The poor pigeons at home are being chased the whole day.

One good thing is the backing practice ...

Wildrose There Goes My Last Dollar

Dollar had a good morning !

Scenting was good we had lots of fun, now that the birds are going to breed we will soon have practice on young birds.

Now a good chance to get young dogs steady !

When the young birds pop up in the next couple of weeks, you get a chance to become a team with your dog. To see the dogs understanding that I must find the birds for my owner, puts a lump in my throat. The confidence in the dog and the handler grows once the dogs understand what they have to do.

Wildrose Shorthairs

Matotoland Jesse

The light seems to have finally come on, Jesse starting to get her style in place, leg up tail almost there.

Now the game starts next on the menu will be the big chase !

Matotoland Zues

Zues is getting so steady on point, yet works at the same speed as the adult dogs.

He will only get better as he gets older and more mature.

Matotoland Jesse & Morgenzon Bullet

Jesse showing serious interest tail up, not a great photo, but this brought back memories of her mother at the same age.

Looking at the second picture one can see daughter like mother. This age one can enjoy or hate, they point at every bird waiting for your approval/praise. These moments one remember almost like that first hunt.

Matotoland Zues

Zeus keeps on impressing with his finds.
Hope he keeps up the good work, well done

There Goes My Last Dollar

Dollar is not only getting better every day, but he is getting more handsome and stylish as he is getting older.

I was driving home from the horses and saw a Swainson's Francolin cross the road, took the time and stopped perfect training opportunity. Dollar didn't waste any time and went on point were the birds crossed the road.

We trailed it until the pressure was to much and the bird flew off. Dollar sat down with great difficulty he wanted to go catch this bird.

Dollar almost drules when he gets close to birds, and the scenting is good.

Matotoland Kennel GSP

Bullet, Dollar and Jesse poor pigeons in the garden !
These dogs are missing hunting season and we just done.

Our next chance at hunting will only be next year. We will do some training and lots of water work together. This time of the year the handler does not mind swimming.

Wildrose Dollar

Dollar getting so steady on running birds, this time of year when grass is short we can train on this. Most points turn into a runner when cover is scarce .....

Wildrose Dollar & Morgenzon Bullet and Morgenzon Temic

These cold fronts really test our dogs ...

Dollar here managed to find some birds, Bullet was backing then went into a staunch point. The birds were everywhere !!!!

We really had a good training session, breaking on shot is still a little problem.

Temic started this action, picture frame didn't allow him to be in this photo. He was on point about 2 meters behind Bullet

Red Wing Partridge

These picture's are the closest I can get to ....

We had such a great morning watching these birds, they think no one can see them, yet we are 1 meter away, not armed today, but right there.
To watch them hold their breath and then relax as you move away is AWESOME !!!

Red Wing Partridge for some reason think no one can see them.

Morgenzon Bullet & Wildrose Dollar

Bullet backing Dollar after a good find on a Red Wing Partridge, since we training I had a chance for some photo's ....

Morgenzon Bullet & Family

Here we are Morgan my oldest daughter joining in, at last !! We had a hard day finding birds, eventually Bullet managed to corner some Guinea Fowl. This was the end of our hunting season shoot !

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2012 !!

From now on just training, training, training !

Matotoland Kennels Training -

The training went well all dogs backing. Scenting was bad on the day but Bullet managed a find or two that gave us a perfect training opportunity for backing training.

Wildrose Dollar at the Brittish Breed Trial Kleksdorp

Dollar made it until the last 6 dogs from 24, but didn't manage a find to run a place. Proud of him at 11 months.
From L/R
David Doig - Annie
Francois vd Walt - Dollar
Jim Immink - Thundra
Dennis O'Driscell - Jack
Jaco Moolman - Dickens
Christene J v Rensburg - Zenta

Matotoland Zoe GSP

Zoe here on birds ......
Hoping she will keep the point , well done Antonie.
Zoe now 5 months old.

Wildrose Dollar

Just a nice picture of Dollar my boy, he is getting so big, almost lifting his leg now. Here he is on Orange Rivers just training ...

Matotoland Zues Matotoland GSP - HPR Hunting dog

Zues and Peter are a great team these days.
More birds more fun ...
Still only 5 months.

Matotoland Zues

Peter managed to get Zues steady on flush he has been pointing for some time, he was born 5 February 2011.
He started shooting over him with bad results, breaking on shot that lead to breaking on flush.
Now Peter has got him steady, well done !

Greylingstad 2011 HPR Trial Matotoland HPR Hunting dogs

Water retrieve always proves to be a good one to watch ! Koos and Yolanda at the back waiting to be called.Bullet, Amber and John, Jakob, Dollar, John's mom, Oom Robbie, Schalk, Fanie en Anecke with Cloe, Maximus and Gobi.This ice cold winters day just proved again how versatile our dogs are doing the water retrieve in these conditions.

Greylingstad Trial Results 2011

Derby stake - 1st Casey - Arnold Slabbert
com Pipps - John Weavind
Most promising pup - Toro - Danie Human
Maiden Stake - com Boggom- Deon Horn
Open Stake - 1st Bullet - Francois vd Walt
2nd Maximus - Fanie Barnard
3rd Peper - Koos Myer
1st com Gobi - Fanie Barnard
2nd Com Amber - John Crawford-Brand
Well done guys !!!!!!!!!

WCFTC Trials - Results 2011

Puppy Stake - Dollar 3rd
Derdy Stake - Dollar 2nd
Maiden Stake - Purdey 1st
Gunners Choice - Purdey
Open Stake - Cloe 1st
Finkel 2nd
Maximus 3rd
Well done to Derek &Karin, Fanie & Anecke,
Slang and Francois the TVL HPR did well in the Cape.
Ps. Derek and Karin are now out of the dog box !

Wildrose Dollar and Morgenzon Bullet and Temic

We had had one of the best day's out training.....

Dollar had the most finds, Temic and Bullet doing great, we are getting ready for the trialing season. Our pups run well it is really a first for me to have a 9 week pup pointing. I believe the standard of the dogs in S.A. is getting better, better dogs and better handlers we are going to have a very interesting year. Hope all the guys keep hunting and remember that we have the dogs to have fun, if they do do well in trials it is a bonus !!

On the day the older more experienced dogs did better, more steady backing and retrieving, it really makes it all worth the training, a real pleasure. The younger ones work fast and get very excited we get worked up, but when we done we laugh. They all get big more steady experienced etc. I also think we all want to much to soon out of our pups, when are hey ready ?

The day they can go out and hunt for you !!! BUT We need to teach and understand them !!!

Matotoland Kennels Jnr training GSP

Motoland Patrys doing her first bird retrieve, jnr training at 8 weeks !!!!

Wildrose Dollar

Dollar doing a retrieve he is getting better.
Much better in SA than Texas

Wildrose Dollar

Dollar doing great and learning fast what we want from him

Dollar and Bullet training

Dollar's first point on snipe ....
Bullet looked good at double her normal hunting weight, 10 day's before the pups arrive.

Wildrose Dollar doing waterwork

At 5 months Dollar has the makings of a good water retriever.

The Bullet and the Runner ...

The Bullet and the runner, the runner was just not fast enough for the bullet ....

The game didn't last long after the runner had a 50m lead !!!!

Wildrose Dollar's first attempt

Dollar had a great day, he tried to retrieve a bird in same weight devision .....
He was brave to the gun shots and we had to put him on leash. to keep him away from the action.