Matotoland Bullet & Jesse

Another good day's training.

Jesse at last understanding backing !

With so many young birds around makes for easy training on young dogs, not to mention the short grass. Good open terrain with enough birds, rabbit, small buck etc. always nice to have close for some reassurance training.

Matotoland Kennel in open water.

Here we are at the dam, Bullet, Dollar and Jesse.

It was Jesse first day out at the dam and I was hoping she would swim. After I went in and swam with the two bigger dogs, she followed. Jesse no not only can swim but also did a few good water retrieves !

Winter in Witbank always a bad time to introduce
young dogs to water, IT IS COLD !

Matotoland Boesman

WP owns one of Bullets & Temic pups Boesman, he is a big lad and has a problem with water. WP says once he gets into the water he will stay there for 3 hours at least....

Matotoland Jesse

Jesse doing a retrieve in very windy conditions,
here she is riding the waves to get the dummy !

Matotoland Jesse & Bullet

Here they are out of hunting season. The poor pigeons at home are being chased the whole day.

One good thing is the backing practice ...