Matotoland Temic & Wildrose Dash of Matotoland

Dash the younger dog was born 22/12/2011 from USA Wildrose German Shorthair

Dash under a year old shows good natural instinct, she points, backs & retrieves very well.She proves to have a great nose finding birds in company of our latest champ, (BB) Ft CH Temic of Matotoland.

We are getting very excited with these young dogs they will have their first hunting season 2013, they have proved to be contenders in any company trialing, and will work all day hunting for you.

They are very patient & loving with young kids and a pleasure around the house.(They have taken up gardening  but still can not make up their minds on were to plant what though)

Matotoland Bullet & Wildrose Dixie

Summer camp & water work next to the dam. We had a pigeon land to come drink water this was to much for young Dixie and Bullet had no choice in honoring her point.

Wildrose German Shorthairs

There Goes My Last Dollar - Dixie

Dixie was imported from the U.S.A born 3 January 2012 she is one mean machine, shows so much natural retrieve on a bird almost the same size as her, wow !
Wildrose German Shorthairs

Matotoland Kennel GSP's - HPR Hunting dogs

Wildrose There Goes My Last Dollar - Dixie
Morgenzon Bullet
Matotoland Jesse
Wildrose There Goes My Last Dollar - Dollar

Waiting at their bowls to before they allowed to eat. We use this training as a discipline they have to wait for their food, and only eat when they told by calling their name.

Matotoland Kennel - HPR Hunting dogs

Bullet & Dollar waiting in the truck for their turn to run. This time of the year we work on discipline and water retrieves. Snakes get more active now and it is to hot during the day to run the dogs.

Wildrose Dash backing Temic

Dash is a full import from USA she is showing all it takes to be a good hunting and trialing  dog. Running against Temic she will get backing practice until she is good enough to find birds before the older dogs.

Dash has started pointing and backing at a young age has a very good nose, with lots of bird finding sense.

Wildrose German Shorthairs

Morgenzon Temic of Matotoland Kennel

Temic still showing good form after the trialing season is done .....

Wildrose There Goes My Last Dollar

Dollar during a BB Trial in Klerksdorp he did so well, we need to work a little on fur.

This photo shows how he loves to run and run and run .... 

Wildrose German Shorthairs

Happy Gringo's

Here we are with friends from U.S.A
we had many good laughs, good times
good hunting.

The dogs did well 4 days of fun, 7 species over the gang, Temic, Bullet, Dollar, Patrys and trainee Dash.

Wildrose There Goes My Last Dollar - Dash

Dash is another imported bitch from Wildrose German Shorthairs in Texas. She is a evenly tempered pup that shows lots of promise, she has game finding skills needed to have a good hunting companion.

Wildrose German Shorthairs

Newest BB Field Trial Champion Temic 2012

Morgenzon Temic winner British Breed Central Field Trial 2012. This was the 2nd time in the history of trialing in South Africa. We are proud of Jacob and Temic well done

Matotoland Jesse

Jesse is starting to show some style and she has proved she can hold the birds. Today she held these two birds while I was walking from at least 100m away - the next step would be to get her steady on shot!

Honorary Post for Biscuit

This will be the last photo  and post of Biscuit - our 14 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. We had to have put down today, sad ....... He served me well hunting birds and tracking wounded animals. Biscuit had a good track record -  only ever one Blue Wildebeast not found. He once tracked a wounded Impala and ended up in a old cement dam, waiting with the Impala for 3 days whilst we searched frantically for him. He sat proud next to the dead Impala when we arrived  - I was crying with joy; today tears of sadness saying goodbye.

Matotoland Kennel - Dixie & Dollar

Dixie backing Dollar on some Quail. This last cold front really made scenting tuff. It was so bad I thought my dogs had lost complete ability to find birds.

Wildrose German Shorthairs

There Goes My Last Dollar - Dixie

Dixie showing she has got what it takes to become a great hunting companion.

Wildrose German Shorthairs

Matotoland kennel GSP's - HPR Hunting dogs

The  Matotoland Kennel Training Day was a great success - we had birds everywhere. The big dogs had the most finds. Bullet and Dollar are so much older than Dixie - yet she already shows a lot of potential. Dixie was born the 3 January 2012 and arrived from breeder Charles Rose in Texas 4 weeks ago. She had some finds and her backing skills are great.

Every dog has his day .....

'Wildrose Dollar' did not have a choice but to honor Wildrose Dixie at just 4 months of age - and at only 2 weeks in South Africa! As the saying goes - Every Dog has his Day! 

There Goes My Last Dollar - Dollar & Dixie

The day started slow with a slight breeze that carried the cool winter afternoon air. Dollar had a good find but struggled to actually corner the birds - the grass was short and the birds were running.

'There Goes My Last Dollar - Dixie' ran well. She has only been in SA for 2 weeks now. Starting to show her style - we had a point and now she shows she can back too.

Wildrose German Shorthaired Pointers

Matotoland Patrys Matotoland GSP's - HPR Hunting dog

Patrys working some birds. She has learnt to slow down and work carefully. This will be our first year with them in trials - our first one coming up 31 May.

There Goes My Last Dollar - Dixie

This morning we took the new pups from Texas out to do just what pups of 4 months do - run everywhere and sniff everything! We had a very good day and our big dogs and they did well - with some very good finds from Jesse - also a new member to our hunting squad. The biggest surprise of the day was little Dixie pointing what we thought was just scent and produced a bird! Both new Texan pups are looking like something special.

There Goes My Last Dollar New Generation GSP's - HPR Hunting dogs

This was our first litter with Dollar and Gabi, and the pups look like a million dollars!
These pups have so much natural ability - we are sitting on the edge of our chairs and
 cannot wait for them to grow into mature gundogs. The pup on this clip is only 8 weeks old and is so eager to please his handler.

A early winters morning out with Matotoland GSP's - HPR Hunting dogs

The cold misty mornings are back !

We survey last years hunting grounds, this year looks like the birds bred well.

Good news when we see many birds soon we will start counting numbers and covey's.

Then only we might take some if numbers allow it, we should have a great year.

Morgenzon Bullet on point Wildrose Dollar and Matotoland Jesse backing

Bullet had a great find scenting was not so good, Dollar came in close but did not go through the back. Jesse did well for a young dog.

Jesse worked the place over so well after the birds flew away, they all sat on flush.

They all showed great drive to find more birds with the fresh bird smell in the air.

Matotoland Zeus

Young Zeus showing his owners he hasn't been out much, but he still likes feathers even if they sitting in the tree!

Matotoland Kennel Dollar and Jesse

Here they are Dollar and Jesse not getting off the bakkie, hunting season must start soon !

Morgenzon Bullet on point, Wildrose Doller backing.

When the early signs of winter starts showing,  and one feels the cool breeze early morning on your face. Us hunters can not help but to go out and seek,  not much clears your mind like this.

You find yourself in a dogs world walking and seeking birds, when the dogs point/back your inner hunter comes alive, that moment this ratrace we live in is forgotten, your heart beat the dogs and the wind is all you hear, thats life to me.

Matotoland Kennel Patrys

Patrys working some  birds on the edge of a tree line, often birds hide in the trees  when they have young or when trying to get away from predators.

We are looking forward to this years hunting with the young dogs, always good to see how they mature. This also gives us a good idea on the litter if they were bred well or not.

Matotoland Kennel GSP's. - HPR Hunting dogs

Training is a problem early in the year due to heat, snakes etc.

Here we have Bullet on point Dollar backing and Jesse far back with a long distance back. Always good when other dogs respect the one that has found the birds.

Matotoland Kennel

Jesse really gettIng better .....

The wild chickens with the spots did get the better of her today, we will win at the end.