Gwen with a monster retrieve

Gwen with another Spur-wing great work Antonie

Morgenzon Temic the Spur-wing and the barbed wire

Temic climbing through the barbed wire
to deliver the Spur-wing to handler Jakob

Morgenzon Temic and Spur-wing

Temic can some not .....

Temic not only a great retrieve but also managed to get through a fence with the Spur-wing !!!!!

Morgenzon Amber and the Spur-wing

Amber can some not .....
Spur-wing almost weighing as much as Amber
Great retrieve !!!!

Morgenzon Bullet and Dianna at natural ability test

Francois looking ready Bullet and Dianna awaiting their turn, to point in the natural ability test.

Bullet and Dianna doing natural ability test

Francois and Jamie at the water retrieve
during the girls natural ability test, which they passed