Matotoland Kenels Bullet with a spur-wing

Our dogs like to work all year round(hunting in season only) keeps them in shape, and motivated.

Up Coming Litters - February 2011

We are having our first Matoto Land Kennel Pups - Morgenzon Bullet X Morgenzon Temic they are due early February 2011.

Matoto Land A Team Bullet & Temic

This was our final hurdle we crossed to retrieve a bird that almost weigh in as much as Bullet.
She managed this big male spur-wing ended
the retrieving challenge victorious !!!! Well done Bullet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullet and the Gippo

One early morning brought a new challenge to Bullet to retrieve bigger birds, duck no problem, geese no problem now for spur-wing .....