Dixie of Matotoland Kennel USA Imp - HPR Hunting dog

 Wildrose German Shorthairs
Dixie had a long day she is due to have her pups in two weeks she could not keep up with the other dogs.
Dixie is also a Wildrose dog imported from the states to improve our dogs.

Jesse of Matotoland Kennel - HPR Hunting dog

We had some time in the off season to do some field work and water work.
Jesse was a slow starter but she has turned into a formidable hunter!
Great Hunt Point and Retrieve skills these dogs have naturally.

Morgenzon Bullet of Matotoland Kennel - HPR Hunting dog

                                                                      Focus Right Foot
                                                                     Focus Left Foot
                                                                  Got Them!
                                                                 There they go!
Bullet is our oldest female. She started our quest to breed better hunting dogs. Bullet has done very well in the hunting competitions all over South Africa and has proved to be a top dog, an excellent retriever on land and in water and has successfully hunted most of our bird species from Limpopo to the Western Cape!

Wildrose There Goes Last Dollar of Matotoland Kennel USA Imp.

Wildrose German Shorthairs

Dollar arrived from the states when he was  6 months old and just had to much drive something we were not used to. He has bred exceptional pups and himself  turned into a bird finder machine! He has a loving nature with a natural hunting ability and biddable if you understand racing cars! He has improved our New Generation Matotoland Kennel dogs all round and made them better hunting dogs, thanks Charlie Rose these are great HPR hunting dogs.

Ginney of Matotoland Kennel - New Generation German Shorthairs

 Ian Dodds, proud owner of Ginney, writes "Ginney is doing well and has a great temperament. She learns fast and has started doing regular walks in the veld to get acquainted with all the smells and distractions of the other dogs. We have started to train her on quail, she has a great nose and is coming on well. I am confident that she will be the best hunting dog I have owned. Remember I did my research on your breeding and all I got was the comments that you can't go wrong. That has proven to be correct and I can't thank you enough for the great breeding and the follow ups after I got the puppy. We need to get together in the new year and take the dogs out when the temperature drops
Good hunting and training".

Photo's by Ian Dodds

Another New Generation Matotoland German Shorhairs Litter - HPR Hunting dogs

Dixie Mother to be 14/11/2013
Temic Father to be

Matotoland Kennel Festive Season Training

Dixie watching the fishing rods when a little birds came and landed on the chair next to me. She froze watching the bird without blinking I could feel the intensity in the air.

 Dollar holding on backing from far away Dixie holding a pair of rabbits I only saw once I flushed them walking in, why do they not hold so nice and steady ALL the time?
Dixie with a great find! A pair of rabbits.
Jesse pointing on the scent of the rabbits Dixie nailed earlier. All the dogs backing Bullet, Dixier & Dollar.

These are top HPR dogs

Matotoland Kennel New Genaration

Matotoland New Generation Born : 29 August 2013

Wildrose There Goes My Last Dollar of Matotoland
 Morgenzon Bullet of Matotoland

Matotoland Kennel still training..

Dollar & Jesse backing Dixie on a great find!
With burnt grass and almost no cover the birds could not hide enough to get away from Dixie.

Matotoland Kennel Season coming to a end for 2013......

                                             Western Cape

Making the most of hunting season...

Letting my best friends out to have a run and put some birds up for Andrew and I is what life is about. This statement only carries value if you are a dogging man with a hunting problem. The season is drawing to a end.......

Hope the birds breed well for next season and hopefully next year will not be so dry.

A Good Day's Hunting - HPR Hunting dogs

We had good day out the dogs put up many birds. Scenting was good birds to die for, we had some champion doing the shooting.

Bullet, Dollar, Jesse, Dixie & Ike the bird producers on the day. Bullet had the first work with Ike & Dixie ending the day with great finds. Dixie on the day taking the best find by a dogs hair, she not only produced birds but a duiker and a rabbit closing the deal with single find witch the other dogs had left behind!

A great day spent with good company & good dogs and plenty birds with a great breed these are top HPR dogs(Hunt Point Retrieve)

Matotoland Temic our Kennel Champion

Temic won the award for the best water retrieve!

He is now Matotoland Kennels grant champion. Jacob did a great job with Tem, well done!

Temic also ended 2nd in the WFTC Field Trial Open Stake & 3rd in the BB Trial in the Championship Stake!

Matotoland Kennel Training

Jesse on point Dollar and Dixie honouring the find. Training never stops with us we need our dogs fit and ready with hunting season on our doorstep.

Wildrose German Shorthairs

Matotoland Jesse

Jesse has matured and proved to have a good nose to she was holding her point on birds that were some distance from her. Jesse has the potential to do very well this year.