Wildrose Dollar and Morgenzon Bullet and Temic

We had had one of the best day's out training.....

Dollar had the most finds, Temic and Bullet doing great, we are getting ready for the trialing season. Our pups run well it is really a first for me to have a 9 week pup pointing. I believe the standard of the dogs in S.A. is getting better, better dogs and better handlers we are going to have a very interesting year. Hope all the guys keep hunting and remember that we have the dogs to have fun, if they do do well in trials it is a bonus !!

On the day the older more experienced dogs did better, more steady backing and retrieving, it really makes it all worth the training, a real pleasure. The younger ones work fast and get very excited we get worked up, but when we done we laugh. They all get big more steady experienced etc. I also think we all want to much to soon out of our pups, when are hey ready ?

The day they can go out and hunt for you !!! BUT We need to teach and understand them !!!

Matotoland Kennels Jnr training GSP

Motoland Patrys doing her first bird retrieve, jnr training at 8 weeks !!!!

Wildrose Dollar

Dollar doing a retrieve he is getting better.
Much better in SA than Texas

Wildrose Dollar and Morgenzon Bullet

Dollar and Bullet working birds Dollar backing Bullet, gun moving in

Matotoland Patrys

Mototoland Patrys rus ...

Matotoland Jessie

Jessie 8 weeks on first bird, pigeon hiding in the grass.