Matotoland kennel GSP's - HPR Hunting dogs

The  Matotoland Kennel Training Day was a great success - we had birds everywhere. The big dogs had the most finds. Bullet and Dollar are so much older than Dixie - yet she already shows a lot of potential. Dixie was born the 3 January 2012 and arrived from breeder Charles Rose in Texas 4 weeks ago. She had some finds and her backing skills are great.

Every dog has his day .....

'Wildrose Dollar' did not have a choice but to honor Wildrose Dixie at just 4 months of age - and at only 2 weeks in South Africa! As the saying goes - Every Dog has his Day! 

There Goes My Last Dollar - Dollar & Dixie

The day started slow with a slight breeze that carried the cool winter afternoon air. Dollar had a good find but struggled to actually corner the birds - the grass was short and the birds were running.

'There Goes My Last Dollar - Dixie' ran well. She has only been in SA for 2 weeks now. Starting to show her style - we had a point and now she shows she can back too.

Wildrose German Shorthaired Pointers

Matotoland Patrys Matotoland GSP's - HPR Hunting dog

Patrys working some birds. She has learnt to slow down and work carefully. This will be our first year with them in trials - our first one coming up 31 May.

There Goes My Last Dollar - Dixie

This morning we took the new pups from Texas out to do just what pups of 4 months do - run everywhere and sniff everything! We had a very good day and our big dogs and they did well - with some very good finds from Jesse - also a new member to our hunting squad. The biggest surprise of the day was little Dixie pointing what we thought was just scent and produced a bird! Both new Texan pups are looking like something special.