Matotoland Kennel Patrys

Patrys working some  birds on the edge of a tree line, often birds hide in the trees  when they have young or when trying to get away from predators.

We are looking forward to this years hunting with the young dogs, always good to see how they mature. This also gives us a good idea on the litter if they were bred well or not.

Matotoland Kennel GSP's. - HPR Hunting dogs

Training is a problem early in the year due to heat, snakes etc.

Here we have Bullet on point Dollar backing and Jesse far back with a long distance back. Always good when other dogs respect the one that has found the birds.

Matotoland Kennel GSP - HPR Hunting dogs

Matotoland Kennel summer open water training young and old, watch this short video.

Matotoland Kennel

Jesse really gettIng better .....

The wild chickens with the spots did get the better of her today, we will win at the end.