Dawn of Matotoland Kennel New Generation Gsp's - HPR Hunting dog

This is why we breed German Shorthairs
Hi Francois

I thought I should give you a update on what happened last weekend, being at the end of bird hunting season Dawn and I was sitting at home bored and frustrated so we decided to go out for a early morning walk on a game farm. In Limpopo finding training grounds are not easy as a wing shooter so we do the majority of our training on game farms. On arrival the owner approached me and asked if I could assist in finding a wounded Impala that he shot earlier that morning as rations for his staff. Not keen to use my trained bird dog to chase wounded animals in 30 degree heat I agreed to help since we have the use of his farm for training.  We were taken to were the Impala was shot and we looked around for traces of blood found nothing and finally had to follow the spoor. I encouraged Dawn to take the spoor she was nosing around and suddenly took off in the direction the herd had run off I was tempted to call her then decided to give her a chance and followed her instead. In a distance I saw her going on point and rushed to her the wounded Impala was found I was amazed with what happened. The last 10 months we had only trained on birds and Dawn tracked and found an wounded Impala starting with tracks and no blood were it was shot on I was truly  amazed at what my little GSP had just done!  

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