The Matotoland Team That Started Our Dream

Danny of Matotoland Kennel USA Imp

Danny was imported from Charlie Rose in Seymor Texas came to improve on our bloodlines we have.  Wildrose German Shorthairs added nose speed and style to our lines they also proved to be the toughest hunting dog and hunting mate one can own.

Matotoland Kennel New Generation GSP's

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The Team


Chelsea & Tiger

Charlie Rose & Bullet

Dixie & Francois

Dollar, Kavin & Dawn
The Team & The Boys

Charles Rose & Bullet

Dollar & Francois


Kavin & Dawn

Dixie & Dagger
Dagger & Dixie



Matotoland Kennel New Generation GSP's Dixie, Dagger and Cleo

Training out at Glen Devine, we needed to end the day in good spirit after losing Dollar earlier in the day. We learn to accept things. I learnt again today that these dogs just want to hunt... no matter what. This is what we live for!
Dollar my boy you made a difference in my and others lives. The German Shorthair breed in South Africa has gained a hunting drive, nose and endurance from you. Memories and stories will be shared by those that knew you at many a braai over drinks. A happy time after a days' wingshooting. 

Actual Training video on the day


R.I.P - Wildrose There Goes My Last Dollar

Thank you Dollar for a amazing 5 years!

Now that I have had some time to fully realize what you meant in my life and what you did for our dogs Dollar my boy I am trying to put into words my feelings as best I can. You taught me patience and to wait for it to happen rather than to try make it happen. I sit here with a lump in my throat trying to describe the unconditional love you had for hunting and getting out there no matter what the conditions or circumstances were. You showed me how to live life to the fullest….to never, ever give up no matter what is said about you and above all - give others a chance to prove themselves, to let them work out for themselves that you cannot teach a dog to hunt but rather develop the drive….. Drive that you could not contain because you had so much and by the time you had it worked out your time with me was up! Thank you for making me a better trainer and to work smarter and to look for the finer, smaller things that make a difference. And above all, thank you for the great memories and the stories we will always tell whenever we have sun-downers next to our trailer or have a braai after a day’s hunting. You never failed to rise to the occasion and always made sure you did something VERY special that gave me goose bumps and which made for an everlasting memory. We could hunt anywhere in South Africa and you would have great finds, and even retrieve the odd carp in a mud pool if I shot at it! The way you blew people away when we arrived will always stay with me. To comments like “he is chasing something", the answer would be NO he just runs like that! You added speed, endurance, nose and personality to our pack. Memories live forever and your offspring WILL win the war after the battles we won together!

                                                            Dollars Autopsy Certificate

Trigger of Matotoland Kennel

Trigger is a Temic  x  Dixie pup he has done so well from a young age he has also mastered the skill to climb trees. Trigger was a finished hunter at 8 months and has never stopped to entertain hi owner at home and in the field. He has such a happy personality and never stops to please his owner. we strive to breed a great hunting dog to be your best pal. Whelped 17 January 2014 
 Photo Fabio Lorregian

Dawn of Matotoland Kennel New Generation Gsp's

This is why we breed German Shorthairs
Hi Francois

I thought I should give you a update on what happened last weekend, being at the end of bird hunting season Dawn and I was sitting at home bored and frustrated so we decided to go out for a early morning walk on a game farm. In Limpopo finding training grounds are not easy as a wing shooter so we do the majority of our training on game farms. On arrival the owner approached me and asked if I could assist in finding a wounded Impala that he shot earlier that morning as rations for his staff. Not keen to use my trained bird dog to chase wounded animals in 30 degree heat I agreed to help since we have the use of his farm for training.  We were taken to were the Impala was shot and we looked around for traces of blood found nothing and finally had to follow the spoor. I encouraged Dawn to take the spoor she was nosing around and suddenly took off in the direction the herd had run off I was tempted to call her then decided to give her a chance and followed her instead. In a distance I saw her going on point and rushed to her the wounded Impala was found I was amazed with what happened. The last 10 months we had only trained on birds and Dawn tracked and found an wounded Impala starting with tracks and no blood were it was shot on I was truly  amazed at what my little GSP had just done!  

Matotoland new Generation Gsp's 2015

Danny & Dollar

Danny & Dollar

Kavin & Dawn

Watching our new Generation Gsp's work ....
Danny new Imp from USA is now really showing promise since she had time in the field finding and holding birds.  Dawn one of our new generations pups bred from Dollar  x  Dixie both imports from Wildrose German Shorthairs is exactly what we wanted. Dawn adapts well keeps good contact with her handler easy to handle biddable and very natural in all aspects!
Dollar has made a huge improvement in our breed
We have so many lines to choose from and can now breed from a easy going hunting dog to a competitive  field trial dog  that will do well in any conditions in South Africa.

Matotoland New Generations Gsp's

I believe we are achieving what we set out to do by importing and breeding German Shorthair Pointers in South Africa. We at the point now were the young dogs we have bred are hunting with us. they are looking good and are working well fitting into their new homes need to the fullest. We are also getting younger boys into the sport by letting them go out with us to see what we do. They do ask many questions...

A day out with our dogs good fellowship was had good wing shooting another blessed day in South Africa. 

Matotoland Dagger, Rose & Dixie

We had a great day out early morning scenting was not that great but improved throughout the day.
Dixie had the first find Rose & Dagger honoring from a distance, the birds flushed and one was taken
Dagger had some great finds and managed to retrieve a winged bird 500m away after tracking it, very special.   Rose struggled in the morning and impressed us all with how she managed to work the birds out her afternoon run with Dollar her father was awesome. Rose might have stolen the day with not great finds and especially the way she improved! Rose is going to be a fantastic dog and Jaco will shoot many many birds over her.