Matotoland New Generation HPR Hunting Dogs - Border Trial 2016

What an event dogs did great birds played along weather was nasty great sportsman owesome countryside

Matotoland New Generation GSP's. HPR Dogs in the making

These pups arrived at their new homes and it made no difference to them they take everything in the stride. These amazing HPR Dogs are from imported champion lines in the U.S. bred to South African lines to improve what we had. Charlie Rose from Wildrose German Shorthairs Seymor Texas added nose speed and style to our dogs not to mention personality that will steal your heart. These dogs will be your best hunting buddy and pal all they ask is to be given a chance. They are tough with a loving personality that will turn into a hunting machine when you let them loose with shotgun in hand. We have hunted them all over South Africa with success Western Cape, Cape Francolin referred to "slime" by the locals, Grey-wing in the Stormberg, Orange River in he Karoo to mention a few  fantastic hunts on Francolin&Gunea's even heavy waterfowl in freezing conditions. These dogs just keep impressing everybody where they go.

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What a day.. HPR Hunting dogs

Watching these great HPR Gsp's work just gives one gooseflesh.
Hunt Point Retrieve

Matotoland Kennel New Generation GSP's Whelped 16 January 2016 - HPR Hunting dogs

These New Generation Matotoland Kennel pups will be able to hunt anywhere in the world and produce birds. They have been bred from the finest blood lines in the world these bloodlines have produced champions in trialing almost on all the continents in the world. Produced birds for hunters on all terrains and we are proud to be part of these new generation German Shorthairs.

The Matotoland Team That Started Our Dream - HPR Hunting Dogs

Danny of Matotoland Kennel USA Imp - HPR Hunting dogs

Danny was imported from Charlie Rose in Seymor Texas came to improve on our bloodlines we have.  Wildrose German Shorthairs added nose speed and style to our lines they also proved to be the toughest hunting dog and hunting mate one can own.

Matotoland Kennel New Generation GSP's - HPR Hunting dogs

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The Team


Chelsea & Tiger

Charlie Rose & Bullet

Dixie & Francois

Dollar, Kavin & Dawn
The Team & The Boys

Charles Rose & Bullet

Dollar & Francois


Kavin & Dawn

Dixie & Dagger
Dagger & Dixie


Hunt Point and Retrieve dogs bred in South Africa

Matotoland Kennel New Generation GSP's Dixie, Dagger and Cleo - HPR Hunting dogs

Training out at Glen Devine, we needed to end the day in good spirit after losing Dollar earlier in the day. We learn to accept things. I learnt again today that these dogs just want to hunt... no matter what. This is what we live for!
Dollar my boy you made a difference in my and others lives. The German Shorthair breed in South Africa has gained a hunting drive, nose and endurance from you. Memories and stories will be shared by those that knew you at many a braai over drinks. A happy time after a days' wingshooting. 

Actual Training video on the day