New Generation Gsp's - Living our dream

Dixie x  Maxx

Whelped 29 January 2020

New generation Gsp,s our dream coming alive

Dagger US IMP  x  Bonny  Matotoland   

 Whelped 4 November 2018

R.I.P Dagger of Matotoland Kennel 2 August 2014 to 4 September 2019

R.I.P Dagger of Matotoland
2 August 2014 - 4 September 2019
You brought a soft nature and lots of love to our breeding's
Happy hunting till one day we meet again

A tough blow for our Matotoland Kennel pack!
Dagger tried getting out of his closure over a fence and hung himself. This breed can get themselves in to trouble and sometimes too deep to get out... sad for us today Dagger couldn't get out this time.

Matotoland Kennel new generation Hpr German Shorthairs

Matotoland GSP German Shorthair history on HPR hunting Dogs
This Kennel started as an idea between two friends who decided to  breed a dog that would not only be a friend but a good hunting buddy. South African gsp German short-haired pointer bred to hunt in SA HPR dogs wing-shooting upland or waterfowl your best hunting buddy for life, a gsp that hunt points and retrieve, #gsp #savhda #matotolandkennel. For the hpr hunter that want more from his gsp.
KHUSA member 1008160

Morgenzon Bullet gets a 2nd place in the SAFTC Open Stake 2018 Verloren Vallei

Bullet was whelped in November 2008 and 10 years later still manages to win prizes in 2018! or more detail on our dogs.
#matotolandkennel #gsp #hpr 

Bullet of Matotoland Kennel

Bullet bred by Fanie Barnard whelped in November 2008. Bullet has won some major league titles in field trials and proven herself as a fantastic hunting buddy.

Matotoland Kennel New years resolution gathering

Dixie, Bonny, Bullet, Memphis, Dagger, Charlie

Our team has grown back to 6 members now and we looking forward to 2018 season. for more details on our dogs pedigrees hunts of 2017
SAVHDA achievements and results, we have done hip scans eyes elbows and we 
should have all dogs tested and cleared for LUPIS by en 2018

Matotoland Kennel Wins again 2017 WCFTC BB Trial

A proud time for our kennel
This litter has done magic Dicky Meij Choppie won two Puppy Stakes Back to back. Now Storm Banda and Maxx & Dante Fratti & Stella enter their first two trials WCFTC Hpr trial and WCFTC BB Trial and they place in both! 2017 these pups were whelped in June 2016. Awesome things to come watch this space