Matotoland Kennel training...

Dagger & Bullet working a covey of Orange River Partridges, Dagger had the original find but could not keep the pace when they started running. Bullet just had the edge being older with far more  hunting experience . Always fun to watch the younger dogs making mistakes due to the pressure from the older dogs and I believe this makes them a better hunting & bird finding dog.

                                                                   Dagger  & Bullet

Dagger of Matotoland US Import from the US

 Of Matotoland New Generation Gsp's staunch on some birds.

Bruno  &  Bonny
Both these young dogs show lots of promise in the field, good noses & style
Bonny of  Matotoland Kennel New Generation Gsp's
Bruno bred from top working stock in South Africa

Matotoland New Generation Gsp's

Matotoland New Genration Gsp's

Dollar  x  Dixie Whelped 03 November 2014

Bonny of Matotoland Kennel New Generation Gsp's

Bonny backing Ethel both nailing this covey ...
Thanks to Neil our Ethel designer & engineer.

Trigger of Matotoland Kennel New Generation Gsp's

Trigger was whelped 17 January 2014  out of Temic x Dixie and is becoming a good looking dog.
He has already proved himself in the hunting of ground birds & waterfowl.
Fabio his owner has made us proud in training trigger, well done!

Matotoland Kennel Dogs

Bibi of Matotolnad Kennel New Generation Gsp's

Bibi was whelped September 2013 out of Dollar x Bullet and seven weeks later she was flown down to George from Witbank. Bibi was the smallest in the litter and as per order was kept for the new owner. She has since grown to be a beautiful normal sized German Shorthair. Bibi was to be an athlete ordered to be the new owners jogging buddy AND now also a great hunting buddy. She has turned out to be a great retriever of both doves & geese with a staunch point on ground birds. I have to say it is good to get such good feedback from our pups bred over the years. It makes it all worth it and keeps us breeders going.

Bibi of Matotoland Kennel New Generation Gsp's

Just a reminder of Ginny ,who has turned into a great hunter.Thanks for the great breading it is really an honour to have one of your dogs..

Ian Dodds
Ginny was whelped September 2013 out of Dollar x Bullet