Puppy trials 2009 Water retrieve

Another day in the mountain Sabie

Middelburg training camp

There we walked and walked untill one dog caught a meerkat ...

Sabie Training camp

Amber and John, Purdy and Derek,
Gobi and Fanie, Bullet and Francois

Year end PARTY !!!!!!!

Thanks to Costa for the cake all the dogs enjoyed it ...

First Puppy trial April 2009

Jamie, Diana and Bullet resting for lunch

More dog's more fun ...

Dendron 2009 Training pups

Francois, Mike, Fanie and Derek

The "Gang" FIRST HUNT - Matotoland Kennel

Diana, Francois(retriever) and Bullet
The "retriever" first had to show these pups how to retrieve.

Training the jnr's

Fanie explaining to Joshua and Simion on how to train your dog

Puppy Trials 2009

Karin and Derek watching over the pups

The Point

Bullet on Orange River Francolin.

Backing skills

Bullet, Lilly, Gobi backing Pippa on a good find

Sabie training camp for HPR GSP'S